Competitive HS Skiers

HS Competitive Skiers Weekly Schedule

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4-H CANSKI Training Plans for the Week of Feb. 27, 2017

Mon- oyo week 3 of the 54321 plan.
Tu- ski at Ashwabay or on the bay depending on ice conditions, choice of technique. BART will run.
Wed-rest or OYO
Th- end of year shindig, potluck and awards 5pm at Mt. Ashwabay!
All of you should take 5-7 days off at some point before your spring sports start! This can fit anywhere into your 54321 plan.
Ski ya!
– Coaches Beth and Doug


Coaches for HS Racers:

Doug Liphart, Beth Reed, Matt Edmunds, Scott Nesvold, Tom Steckling, Jeff Van Hooser

Schedule for HS Racers:

Mon. – Ashwabay, Tue. – Ashwabay, Wed. – off, Thur. – Ashland, Fri. – Ashland, Sat. – races