Competitive HS Skiers


HS Competitive Skiers Weekly Schedule

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4-H CANSKI Training Plans for the Week of Dec 10th, 2018

Monday, Dec. 10: Run and bound with strength afterwards at WHS. Bring classic poles and outdoor clothes. We will start at 3:50. The van will pick up in Ashland at the bus pull through at 3:30.

Tuesday, Dec. 11: Practice at Ashwabay. Classic technique. Double pole and no pole technique focus. The van will be running and will leave Ashland at 3:40 (bus pull through) and be in Washburn out front at 4pm. Back to AHS by 6pm. Bring a head lamp if you have one.

Wednesday, Dec. 12: off or on your own. Gear Opportunity! If you need to get gear sorted out or switched, meet at the 4H CANSKI shed at 3:45. Dress warmly.

Thursday, Dec. 13: Practice at Ashwabay. Skate technique. Hill work and vertical intervals. Van will run as usual (see the Tuesday schedule).

Friday, Dec. 14: Captain’s practices in Ashland and Washburn. 45 minutes. See David W. or Erin, Ryan or Mitchel for details.

Saturday, Dec. 15: Classic technique at Ashwabay with coach Levi. Tempo and easy distance ski. Meet at Ashwabay at 9:30. The van will leave the Ashland court house at 9am and swing through the front of WHS on the way north for those who need rides.

Sunday, Dec. 16: Take a day off if you did something on Wednesday or finish your hours for the week doing the activity of your choice.

Note: Saturday and Sunday we will have Erin M. skiing the Junior National Qualifiers in Houghton. Good luck!

Hours for the Week:

Varsity Plus = 10 hours

Varsity = 8 hours

JV/Fitness = 6 hours

If you have questions, feel free to contact me at work or call me at home (682-8385).  Make sure that you are registered through 4-H Online, and at school (WHS sign  curricular code, AHS online registration – competitive club). 

WOW – week one and we’re skiing!

-Coach Doug

Coaches for HS Racers:

Doug Liphart, Beth Reed, Matt Edmunds, Scott Nesvold, Tom Steckling, Jeff Van Hooser

Schedule for HS Racers:

Mon. – Ashwabay, Tue. – Ashwabay, Wed. – off, Thur. – Ashland, Fri. – Ashland, Sat. – races