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HS Competitive Skiers Weekly Schedule

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4-H CANSKI Training Plans for the Week of Feb 10, 2020.

Monday, Feb. 10: No practice today

Tuesday, Feb. 11: Mt. Ashwabay. Your choice technique. BART will run. The focus today is on a longer ski to get ready for the Book Across the Bay or the Korteloppet for those who are skiing that race.
Remember: There is not team registration for the Book. You must register yourself and pay online. There is also race day registration in the tent but we recommend doing it ahead of time. Get together with some friends and ski it as a group!

Wednesday, Feb 12: Off or on your own

Thursday, Feb. 13: Ashland Hospital Trails. Your choice technique. Pillow polo!

Friday, Feb 14: It appears that we are not needed for tent set up for the Book. We will meet at the Washburn side tent (West End Park) anyway and do a short ski on the lake.

Saturday, Feb. 15: Book Across the Bay at 6pm. 11-6 PM is our waxing service fundraiser. We need everyone to sign up for a 2 hour block to help out. You do not have to be an expert waxer! We need people to take money and organize skis as well. Doug will be sending out a sign up sheet in the next couple of days.

Sunday, Feb 16: Off or finish your hours for the week.Some fun skis are coming up in the next few weeks such as skiing on the lake towards Houghton Point and making s’mores at practice so keep watching the plans as they are sent out.

-Your Coaches

Coaches for HS Racers:

Doug Liphart, Beth Reed, Matt Edmunds, Scott Nesvold, Tom Steckling, Jeff Van Hooser

Schedule for HS Racers:

Mon. – Ashwabay, Tue. – Ashwabay, Wed. – off, Thur. – Ashland, Fri. – Ashland, Sat. – races