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HS Competitive Skiers Weekly Schedule

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4-H CANSKI Training Plans for the Week of February 25th, 2019.

Monday, Feb. 25: Ski jouring at Caroline’s house. 32020 Friendly Valley, 1.5 mi. from Hwy 13. Parking at the base of the driveway and along the road. Brave or AWD drivers welcome to come all the way up the hill and pull forward all the way. Friendly Valley Road is across from the Friendly Valley Beach access. 4pm -5:30 or 6ish. David, can you help get Ashland side folks up there? They will have soup for those who are hungry. Thanks Charly and Julie!

Tuesday, Feb. 26: Skiing on the lake out from the coal dock in Washburn to the mini caves and a very brief ice safety clinic. We recommend classic skis because the snow is deep this year (but your choice, and we’ll see what the wind today does to the snow o the bay)! BART will run.

Wednesday, Feb. 27: off or on your own

Thursday, Feb. 28: End of Year Shindig at Mt. Ashwabay. BART will run regular Ashwabay schedule and you can get there and ski or help set up any time before 5pm. Event – 5:00 to 7:30ish. We will have games, an agility course a potluck and awards as well as super door prizes (swag). Bring a dish to share and bring the whole family!

IMPORTANT DATES: Gear check ins are on March 7 and 12 at the Lake Superior Elementary School. Hats will be handed out and gear deposits will be returned. Late returns will forfeit the deposit. We will need you as volunteers at these dates to help put the gear away (each of you should pick one date – both is OK too.  We’ll need volunteers at both dates).

It has been a fantastic season. Keep on skiing until the snow is gone. We’ll be looking for you on the trails in early May!!!

Ski ya!

Your Coaches

Coaches for HS Racers:

Doug Liphart, Beth Reed, Matt Edmunds, Scott Nesvold, Tom Steckling, Jeff Van Hooser

Schedule for HS Racers:

Mon. – Ashwabay, Tue. – Ashwabay, Wed. – off, Thur. – Ashland, Fri. – Ashland, Sat. – races