Elementary Skiers

Elementary Schools

Instruction: classic and skate recreational K-5th
Schedule: Fridays after school starting January 15, 2021

Ashland – 3:40-4:30pm
Location: Ashland Hospital Trails or Lake Superior Primary
Contact: Sara Hudson, shudson@coawi.org; (715) 685-1644

Washburn – 2:00-3:00pm
Location: Mt. Ashwabay Trails
Contact: Lisa Weispfenning 715-812-1073 (home) or 715-209-6856 (cell) lisadline@hotmail.com

Gear Checkout Date: Rolling-Saturday, January 9, 2021 by appointment, gear check-out at Old VFW by the coal dock in Washburn.

Friday, January 15th: First Day of Skiing.

End of Season – Last Ski Day March 7th

GEAR TURN IN DATES: March 18 and March 23, 2021
Location TBD, Drive through gear check in.