Local Ski Trails

Valhalla Recreation Area (Washburn, WI) Parking fee needed: $5/day, or $20/year.

Mt. Ashwabay (Bayfield, WI) The Ashwabay Outdoor Education Foundation has been working hard to expand their trails for xc skiers and wants to work with us as a club. This year they are working with us 2 ways.

1. We made a donation to AOEF and, in turn, any weekday 4-H CANSKI activity scheduled will be at no charge to 4-H CANSKI members and volunteers. We’ll have a warming house to use as a base, and a snowmobile to use in case of medical emergencies or if someone gets lost and comes in late. Ashwabay is nearly the same distance as Valhalla from Washburn and is identical in distance from Ashland. Parking is free.

2. For those that want to use Ashwabay’s trails outside of CANSKI events and practices, any person who identifies themselves as a 4-H CANSKI member or adult leader can get a season xc trail pass for $90. That would be good on the weekends and outside our official 4-H CANSKI practices & functions (which are no charge – donation covered). If you can afford it and don’t have a season downhill pass at Ashwabay, please consider getting one so that Mt. Ashwabay can afford to be around for us to use for years to come. They are also offering our CANSKI youth a special discount season pass for downhill.

Ashland Ski Trail (Ashland, WI): Club makes a yearly donation. Please give them additional support when skiing there on your own!

Brule (Brule, WI)

Wolverine Nordic Ski Trails (Ironwood, MI)

ABR (Ironwood, MI)